Hunton's Farm

Junction City, OR

Much of what is milled and packaged at Camas Country Mill comes direct from owner Tom Hunton's third generation family farm, located southwest of Junction City, Oregon. 

Hunton's Farm was started in 1952 at the current farm headquarters by Everett and Ellen Hunton. Tom and his sister Deanna grew up on the farm and were involved in harvest and year-round farm activities from a very young age. Carrying on the family tradition, Tom's son Jason Hunton--well versed in agricultural economics and organic farming--now manages the farm operations in conjuction with his father; Ellen Hunton still resides on the original working farm, where she is integral to daily affairs and maintains both a busy life and farm bookkeeping at the age of 90. 

Tom and his wife Sue often attend local food and milling conferences and events, and Tom is frequently a program contributor at conferences on re-localizing grain economies.

Hunton's Farm encompasses 2,700 acres in all, a combination of land owned by the family and leased from nearby landlords. Some of this land has been leased and farmed by the Hunton's for nearly 50 years, and the family is grateful for the confidence of these landlords. Primary crops grown on the Hunton's farm have included forage and turf grasses, clover, meadowfoam, various vegetable and cover crop seeds, and most recently, beans, lentils and grains for Camas Country Mill. The Hunton's are moving toward food crop production with an exemplary reputation as south valley farmers based on years of large-scale turf grass and meadowfoam cultivation, and are looking to use that reputation as a backbone for being accessible, responsible, and pragmatic grain and bean farmers. 

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